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We have had our two

We have had our two shade sails for 12 years and they are as good now as when they were fitted. We have had one small shackle replaced and some minor re stiching but apart from that they have stood up to gale force wind, rain, sun and pressure washing with no problems. They continue to perform to spec and give us the shade we wanted and value. Pauline and Bob Challice Cama da Vaca near Burgau

Robert Challice

Parque da Floresta

Dear Jonathan, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how thrilled we are with our Oz Shades. They look fabulous; they have transformed the house; they allow us to be outside in absolute comfort even at the height of the sun. They are perfect! We are more than pleased with them. Even the very high winds that we experience are no problem for the shades, unlike the many parasols that came before. They provide a complete solution to the wind and the sun, we are delighted, and the added benefit is that they look absolutely stunning. Thank you very much indeed



First of all, I want to thank you for willingness to provide me with the quote for the request I made. For the price indicated, I decided not to proceed with the project, since the aim of this shadow would be only for a short time and the fact that I live in a rented house, does not justify such an investment. But I want to stress the high quality materials and your work, as well as your understanding in waiting, which I will keep as good for reference future either for myself or to make recommendations. Thank you for your time and attentions, and best wishes for continuing great success for OZ Shade.


After looking at many options for the verandah area, I approached OZ SHADE for advice. They arrived punctually, handed me the quote the same day, erected it the time stated, and fitted the shade to suit my circumstances. OZ Shade has given me the shade I required, privacy, and a beautiful color that enhances the villa. What they say is what they do!


More beautiful than we ever imagined.


We are extremely pleased with our OZ SHADE Sails. They add a new dimension to our terrace-not only functional but also decorative. With the recent high winds our sails remained without any problems. Our Shade Sails are on a roof terrace previously unable to be used due to direct sun and wind.

Cama da Vaca, Praia da Luz

Functional, professional and absolutely perfect!

P. Challice


Just a note to say how pleased we are with our OZ SHADE Sail. It has not only given us a large area of welcome shade from the sun but is also an attractive feature to the garden. It also stops the heavy spring rains driving into our open dining terrace. From order to completion, a very professional and efficient service.Thank you.

P&S Harris


We were looking to make extra use of a large area of terrace next to our house. We had looked at awnings, conservatories and even putting a roof over the area. We wanted to keep the line of the house so we had to choose something that would blend in and be functional as well as having a ´wow factor. We thought this was an impossible remit. It was not. We are thrilled with the finished product. The sails not only provide shade they cut out the amount of dew so we can sit outside for longer. Importantly, too, the first word many of our visitors say is ´wow´! We've so far used the area as a dancing area for our local Rancho Folclórico and next year our friend's son and his fiancée wish to exchange vows underneath the sails. They thought the white sails would provide a novel setting. We were so pleased with the professional approach of the team and that they listened carefully to our agenda and were very keen to ensure that we were happy with the finished product.


We purchased two OZ SHADE Sails to provide shade to our koi carp pond in order to minimize algae formation in the water. They have worked well but also to our delight they have added a new dimension to our garden and house. The sails are attractive and stylish and provide wonderful shade for us as well as the fish during the hot Algarve weather. WE JUST LOVE THEM!

Monte Lemos, Praia da Luz

Initially we had two Sails erected over a large terrace which opened up a whole new aspect to outdoor entertaining. After this installation we have had two more fitted. One that partially covers a terrace poolside and the other to provide shade for the car. Both perform superbly well and we can now enjoy the shaded areas in comfort, even under the full intensity of the sun. Fantastic for protection of young ones. OZ Shade are extremely professional and deserve every success they will no doubt attain as this product catches on.

M. Tozer


"We bought our new villa in Lagos in June and after the first summer we realised we would need a few large parasols for our south facing terrace. It was during the costing of these that an exhibition for expats at Silves in the November and found the OZ SHADE Sails Stand and were immediately impressed by the shade sail concept, and in particular the range of fabric colours available and the sturdiness of the strainless steel fixings. We knew a shade sail would be a perfect application for us because the rooms of the villa formed a 'U' around the terrace giving plenty of scope for wall fixings without the need for additional supports. We compromised on the plan area of the sail to give both shade for a dining table and leave a sufficient unshaded area for the sun worshippers. The end product exceeded our expectations because firstly our chosen colour blends very well with the villa walls; and secondly the shade sail is very discrete when viewed from the front elevation as only the front edge is visible owing to the slope built into the sail to encourage rain water runoff. As the sun gets higher in the sky, we now have the amount of shade we want on the terrace and at a cost comparable with the three or four large umbrellas that would have been required to do the same job but with much greater inconvenience, and not counting the ten year guarantee provided with the sail!"

Colinas Verdes

"I promised to write and let you know how I felt about my new shade sail after it had been up a few months. As you will recall, mine is acting as a carport in an area where, because of the width and fall of the land, it was almost impossible to erect a shelter in brick or wood. Certainly, I was very pleased with the quick and efficient way you erected the shade sail, and the way you adapted all the fittings to suit my own unique circumstances, was impressive. With regard to whether it makes a good carport, its performance in strong winds is remarkable. There is no flapping and no noise at all and it provides excellent shade, keeping the cars cool at all times. In addition, from a purely aesthetic point of view, many friends have said how well it merges in with the house. If you want to use this letter to show to other potential customers, please feel free."

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